Canine Dock Diving Pool

Teamworks Canine Dock Diving Pool

Grand Opening: May 25th!

Pool Orientations Required – Sign up Now!


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*Pool Rules*


Everyone MUST have an orientation before using the pool.  Orientation will cover things like training dogs how to exit the pool, keeping dogs and humans safe in the pool, keeping the pool safe from damage from dogs and humans, what the procedure is for an accident or inclement weather, the lock code, and a review of the list of rules below.  PLEASE NOTE: Orientation is only about 5 minutes of going over the highlights of the rules as long a you read them and sign the waiver ahead of time. The remainder of the time will be spent assessing your dog for its “clearance level” for the pool. There are three clearance levels: 1) Needs swimming lessons 2) Needs dock diving lessons 3) dog goes willingly off the big dock and its owner can rent the dock. PLEASE NOTE: WE HAVE A NO-FORCE POLICY. IF YOU PUSH OR THROW YOUR DOG IN THE WATER, YOU WILL LOSE ALL ACCESS TO THE POOL AND FORFEIT YOUR RENTAL SECURITY DEPOSIT.

  • Anyone using the pool must sign a waiver each time they use the pool.  Waiver forms will be provided on site with a collection box.
  • A $50 security deposit is required for all non-Teamworks Staff Members who rent the pool or any ring rental. This deposit will be held until the renter no longer wishes to rent from Teamworks in the future.  If there is any violation of policy, the security deposit will not be refunded. 
  • If your dog does not already know how to swim or how to jump off a dock, you must book a lesson with an instructor. Your dog’s skill level will be assessed in orientation.
  • If a dog owner wants to get in the water with their dog, they may ONLY do so if a Teamworks Pool Staff Member is present for the entire time they are there. This is for safety reasons.
  • No female dogs in heat in the pool or anywhere on the property
  • No shock collars and no metal collars of any kind anywhere on the dock or in the pool.
  • Dogs may not swim in the pool less than 72 hours after a topical flea/tick application (like FrontLine or Advantix)
  • Dogs should not swim less than 2 hours after they have eaten a meal
  • Dogs who are coughing, vomiting, or have a nasal discharge cannot use the pool or dock
  • Dogs who have mange, ringworm, ear mites, intestinal worms or any other contagious parasite cannot use the pool or dock
  • Dogs MUST be vaccinated for rabies, and must be vaccinated or have yearly titers for DHPP in order to use the pool. We STRONGLY recommend all dogs be vaccinated for Bordetella and Canine Influenza in order to use the pool.
  • The dock is for dock diving and for canine swimming lessons and canine swimming fitness only.  It is not for large group dog play or social sessions (please reserve the pond for that). 
  • Each dog on the dock / in the pool must be accompanied by one handler. There is a maximum of two dogs (and their two people) at a time using the dock and/or in the pool. This is a safety rule. 
  • The pool is purified by chlorine and a pump and filter system.  There is a hose nearby to wash your dog off afterwards, if your dog’s skin is sensitive to chlorine.  We do not use salt in our pool because in our experience, dogs who drink a lot of salt water tend to vomit more an have the runs more often. 
  • If your dog drinks a lot of water while swimming, there is a risk of water toxicity.   It is helpful to be sure the toy you throw for your dog fits snugly in the dog’s mouth, without gaps. To be safe, each dog should only swim for 10 minutes at a time and then be given a break to urinate (off the dock and out of the pool).  No swimming session should be longer than 30 minutes for any given dog.  After your swimming session, it is helpful to give your dog dehydrated or freeze dried dog food or treats, to absorb some water in their stomach.
  • Floating dog toys are allowed in the pool, but the toys must be clean, and not full of dirt or grime.
  • NO FOOD OR TREATS MAY BE BROUGHT UP ON THE DOCK OR THROWN IN THE WATER.  Anyone violating this policy will forfeit their security deposit. 
  • Any time a dog has an accident (urine, feces, vomit) in the pool or on the dock it MUST be reported by text to 919-696-5558.  Fines will range from $50-100, depending on the severity of the accident and the honesty of the client. The security deposit will be used to pay this fine, should the owner not pay the fine within 7 days.  Renters who do not pay fines will not be allowed to use the pool or any of the facilities.
  • If there is any damage to the pool or dock, the owner of the dog responsible for the damage will be responsible for payment of the repair in full. Likewise, if an person damages the dock or pool, that person will be responsible for full payment of damages
  • Children under the age of 12 will not be allowed on the dock or in the pool.  Children between the ages of 12 and 18 may only be on the dock with a parent present, but may not get into the pool. ONLY ADULTS (over the age of 18) may get in the pool, and only with a Teamworks Pool Staff Member present. Any violation of these rules is grounds for dismissal, with no refund of the rental fee or security deposit.
  • If an adult wants to enter the pool, the person must be barefoot, or wearing Crocs or water socks.  NO REGULAR SHOES allowed. Remember that teaching a dog to swim can involve some scratches.  T-shirts and shorts are recommended to wear in the pool.  If you plan to enter the pool, please bring your own towel and a change of clothing.  We do NOT provide towels for people or dogs. There is a shower for people near the bathrooms.
  • PLEASE do not put on bug spray with DEET and then enter the pool.  Remember that the dogs will be drinking the water. Natura bug spray composed of essential oils is recommended and will be available for use.
  • People may NOT dive into the pool or jump in off the dock. The pool may not be rented or used for human swimming parties. Please remember: This pool is for canine dock diving and dog swimming. It is not a human swimming pool.  We do NOT have lifeguard on duty.  Adults enter the pool at their own risk, and should only enter the pool to assist their dog with swimming or exiting the pool, and should only do so in the presence of a Teamworks Staff member.
  • Dogs may NOT be forced or thrown into the pool. We will provide swimming lessons and loaner doggie life vests for dogs still learning to swim. Anyone seen or reported to have forced or thrown their dog into the pool will forfeit their security deposit and their right to rent at Teamworks.
  • Dogs should NEVER be left unattended in the pool or on the dock. 
  • No food, beverages, or dog treats on the dock or in the pool.  Only bottled water in plastic bottles is allowed up on the dock. No glass of any kind should ever be brought onto the dock or into the pool.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SWIMMING OR STANDING ON THE DOCK  if you can hear thunder!  Credits/refunds will be given for weather-related cancellations.
  • All gates leading to the pool area will be locked and should be re-locked after you leave the pool area. 

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